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“A great starting point to test the waters”


CA03CR-1.jpgA retrospective of experiments in electronic music from 1980 – 1991 by Carya Amara.

Synthesiser melodies, lo-fi experiments with record players and warped organ drones set the course for Carya Amara’s eclectic rejection of musical categories, and paved the way for the music in the companion volume, Extinction Frequency.


"CA’s influences are certainly more evident here… Tales is hellishly varied, and would, to be honest, make a great starting point to test the waters" – Modern-Dance magazine.

Track listing

  1. Magnetic Medium
  2. Recherche
  3. Between Light Sleep
  4. Disfigured Night
  5. Dada Dance Instructor
  6. Ghosting
  7. Falling Apart
  8. Dweepzucht
  9. Hello?
  10. Mindslap
  11. My Regeneration
  1. Mock
  2. Treat
  3. Tech Platonics
  4. The Edge
  5. Inaction
  6. Tunes of Glory
  7. H
  8. Vluchteling
  9. Ode to Joy
  10. Waste Paper

Also available by Carya Amara

Also available by Carya Amara on Earthrid


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